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My name is Jorge Vence and I am Crystalline Reiki Healing Master-Teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, Seichem Master-Teacher and I am so humbled to share with you this beautiful and high vibrational energy that Crystalline Reiki Healing is.


Like many healers I never dreamt of becoming a Light worker, I didn’t even know such things existed and if I did I would have probably thought it was for “alternative” people.


But obviously The Source Energy had other plans for me. I had to go through to what I thought was a difficult teenage, although now I realise it was a “normal” teenage; to find myself in the United Kingdom, where I started my path into spirituality.


When I took my first steps into this new lifestyle I didn’t know anything about Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Master or energy! I thought energy was just electricity. Wrong! I knew nothing but I felt this affinity and had this sense of belonging that I felt I had to find out more.


I started as a mineral collector, I loved the feel and company of the minerals, yet I couldn’t feel anything as described in crystal books, I thought I was not one of the chosen ones! Again wrong! I just hadn’t grown into this understanding and knowledge, I had not opened my heart and soul to their energy.


It took me many years to be able to see or feel anything. But like everything else it took me practice and consistency to allow myself to tap into their energy. And once I tapped into that kingdom, oh my! What can I say! All the knowledge and wisdom stored in those beauties, it would take me many lifetimes to learn all they hold in them.

So, after years of working with minerals in 2007 I came across a lady who was a Reiki Master and did a “bit of Reiki” on me, what I felt I could not put into words, I felt my heart was being pulled off my chest, this baffled me and intrigued me, yet I let it go. My time was not ready.


A few years past, and I had a very special and intimate moment with a dear friend of mine, whom I am 100% sure was channelling my Spirit Guides, at this moment I was asked why I wasn’t fulfilling my path! To which I replied, what!? I did not know what she was talking about. I thought she was losing the plot.


We continued our conversation and I was listening with an open mind, she "sort of" made sense. So she open my awareness and planted the seed of Reiki in my head. From that moment on, I would meet Reiki Masters, I would hear the word Reiki, I would read about Reiki. So, Reiki and energy was all around me.


In the end I read the signs presented to me.


Upon completing my first attunement, Reiki 1, I understood what took place that time with my friend. I was being summoned back to my roots, back home, where I promised to myself I would get back to one day, when I "woke up", and finally surrendered and opened myself up to the wonders and beauty of the Universe.


Along the way, in my journey I also learned Seichem Reiki, Fifth Dimensional Healing, Crystal Healing, Violet Flame Healing, Angelic Healing and have now been attuned by my Guides and the Archangels into the Crystalline Reiki Healing.


What I have got from this beautiful form of Reiki, is utter joy, I have grown into its energy which is like a vortex of energy and light taking you to higher planes allowing you to commute with your Soul and Divine identity, it has shown me my real self and body, which is light and love. Crystalline Reiki Healing has shown me my true soul plan.


Now, my journey just begins, I have taken on the task to pass this divine energy onto as many people as I possibly and physically can, so we can all go home to our Divine Presence and change the lives of those whom we meet.


Crystalline Reiki Healing is our ticket home, to be who we really are, light and love, and together one step at the time, little by little, shape this world up and pave the way for those who will come after us.





My services include;

Reiki Healing, Traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Fifth Dimension Healing, Fifth Dimension Healing Attunement, Seichem Reiki, Seichem Reiki Attunements, Seichem, Seichem Attunements, Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids, Crystal Lay-outs, Violet Flame Healing, Violet Flame Healing Attunement, Crystalline Reiki Healing, Crystalline Reiki Healing Attunement, Angel Healing, Distant Healing.


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