History of Crystalline Reiki Healing

The history of Crystalline Reiki is a humble and straight forward one. 


The way in which I tapped into the Crystalline Reiki energy was through my development as a Healer. I always thought of doing healing on myself as a must, learn from the symbols, grow into the energy, become the energy and teach other the same. I have been blessed I had great mentors, both my Reiki Master and Seichem Master Teachers passed onto me so much knowledge that I became somehow addicted to it, wanting to know and learn more, compare it, experience it and live it.


I have also had a particular affinity for crystals, listening to their stories, tapping into their energy and growing with them. With the 2012 shift in the planetary consciousness I started working with the Fifth Dimensional energy, taking my healing journey to a whole new level.


It was at this moment when I totally surrendered myself, my ego and my soul to the greatness of the universe and I started communicating regularly with my Guides, my Higher Self, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Divine Mother, Interplanetary Beings and God/Source/I AM Presence.


Like most people I would doubt my sanity at times, is it real? Am I imagining this? I can’t be! I must be mad… If you have ever had these thoughts you will know what I am trying to say. And then one day I came across the Violet Flame, it interested me straight away but somehow I wasn’t ready for it so I forgot all about it.


In another occasion I came across a book on St. Germain, which although was in my native Spanish language I couldn’t make sense of it, the sentences and paragraphs were just too intense, too complex for my understanding.


So, in February 2014 I was reacquainted with the Violet Flame and St. Germain, this time however, there was a twist I was also introduced to the great “Messenger” Claire Prophet’s works, I started reading her book on the Higher Self. In this book I stumbled across her Chart of your Divine Self, where it can be seen, the Pillar of Light surrounding the person in it, who is submerged in the Violet Flame and this person is also connected to their Higher Self, and The I AM Presence, I was in utter awe, it seemed so simple yet so incredibly hard to master or even achieve.


In May 2014 I attended a workshop on the Violet Flame, finding out about its origin and its patron St. Germain, in here we did the decrees that go with the Violet Flame. Working with this incredible gift from God I raised my awareness and consciousness to a whole new level, I developed a connection with my Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters like never before. I could feel their company 24/7, their love and words of wisdom and comfort.


By using the Violet Flame and the decrees by El Moyra, I entered a new dimension in my healing journey, accompanying the Violet Flame with the decrees, meditation, self-healing and healing others I could feel a change in me and the vibrations at which this Universal energy resonated.


At this time I didn’t think much of it. I started to see symbols and colours in my meditations, healing sessions and dreams. And occasionally I would hear a voice saying: “the time is coming”, or “you are almost ready”, or “not long”…


All of this just baffled me, I couldn’t understand any of it. I simply trusted it. Didn’t question it, I just believed.


My guides kept asking me to draw the symbols they entrusted in me, to which I just complied. This went on for weeks, I would get a symbol every other day or every other week. After I had a few I asked my Guides, what was the purpose of it? I was very curious yet intrigued by it all. To this they would reply, be patient! It will all be revealed when you are ready.


So, after weeks and months of learning, growing, drawing symbols and being in constant communion with my Guides I was given the last symbol to the collection, at this moment I was asked by my Guides to lie in my bed and close my eyes.


What happened next was so brief, yet so powerful and out of world, that it took me a while to understand what had just happened. When I closed my eyes I could see above my head 12 Archangels circling over me, surrounded by gold and holding a symbol which I immediately recognised as the Master symbol to the series of symbols I had previously been given, to the Crystalline Reiki Healing, completing the set and attuning me into this incredibly wholesome high vibration energy.


What I felt straight after the attunement was complete and utter joy, a feeling of love, which didn’t only come from deep in me but from every living thing around me. As the energy grew in me, my Guides educated me further into what the symbols were and what my mission was, as the entrusted messenger of this new Reiki energy.


Crystalline Reiki Healing combines the wisdom found in the British Isles, interdimensional and interplanetary knowledge, and the convergence of energies brought by many healers and Light Workers from across the globe.


Like many of the other Reiki disciplines, Crystalline Reiki Healing can only be attuned onto those who have attained the Mastery of Reiki. Crystalline Reiki Healing has arrived into our lives when we needed the most, so let's embrace its beautiful energy and allow the Universal energy into our lives.






My services include;

Reiki Healing, Traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Fifth Dimension Healing, Fifth Dimension Healing Attunement, Seichem Reiki, Seichem Reiki Attunements, Seichem, Seichem Attunements, Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids, Crystal Lay-outs, Violet Flame Healing, Violet Flame Healing Attunement, Crystalline Reiki Healing, Crystalline Reiki Healing Attunement, Angel Healing, Distant Healing.


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