Levels of Crystalline Reiki Healing

Just like many of the other Reiki disciplines in Crystalline Reiki Healing there are 3 levels, each with their own attunement, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3A/B. The last level can be taught to the Master Level only or the Master Teacher Level.

Crystalline Reiki Healing Level 1

The attunement to Crystalline Reiki is done the same way as Usui Reiki, from Master to Teacher and in three levels (I, 2, 3A & 3B); however, the only difference is that because those attuned to this beautiful, soothing and centring energy will be given 3 foundation symbols in their first attunement, which allows the energy to build in the pupil preparing them for the next level.

Crystalline Reiki Healing Level 2

On level 2 the energy frequency is much stronger and needs the foundation symbols to carry the students energy field to the multidimensional energy accessed at this level, tapping into this energy enables the students to let go of their past and prepare their body to be cleansed from deep inside. At this level 3 more symbols are taught, called the frame symbols by my guides; at this moment the pupil commits to grow into the Master Level where the foundation and frame symbols have to be mastered to allow the energy to grow to the next level, the Master Level.

Crystalline Reiki Healing Level 3A & B

At the Master level, the student can decide whether they choose to just be attuned to the last 4 symbols plus the Master symbol or go onto teaching too.

Crystalline Reiki Healing

Like any other Reiki attunement there is a 21 days to allow the energy to settle, at each level. The time between attunements vary from one individual to another, however, it is advised to wait a minimum of 3 months, this gives the pupil the time to explore the new symbols, allow their souls to embrace the new energy and tap into these high frequencies of healing. 

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