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Thank you for visiting this page for Crystalline Reiki Healing, whether you already are attuned to the Reiki energy or you are new to Reiki or any form of energy work, welcome.


Crystalline Reiki Healing is the newest form of Reiki Healing, I am blessed I have been entrusted by my Guides to bring this amazing, wholesome, full of love, compassionate higher frequency energy.


When I first used the Crystalline Reiki Healing I could not believe how different it felt to the other forms of Reiki I have known, I could feel I was one with the Universe, I became more aware of my surroundings and deep inside me too.


Crystalline Reiki Healing has come to us now because we are awakening to our reality and are heading home, but going home isn’t easy, it takes work, a lot of it.


And with Crystalline Reiki Healing it is possible, there are components of the Violet Flame, St. Germain was present during my attunement to Crystalline Reiki Healing, making my connection to my Higher Self and The Divine Presence stronger. There were also 12 Archangels present at this moment, who downloaded the wisdom of the Universe onto me when they put the Master Symbol in my Crown chakra.


Crystalline Reiki Healing will take you home, once you become attuned to its high and multidimensional frequency you will see that anything is possible, going home, to our divine selves will be a reality.


So learn it, embrace it, become it and pass it onto the masses and the generations to come.





My services include;

Reiki Healing, Traditional Usui Reiki, Reiki Attunements, Fifth Dimension Healing, Fifth Dimension Healing Attunement, Seichem Reiki, Seichem Reiki Attunements, Seichem, Seichem Attunements, Crystal Healing, Crystal Grids, Crystal Lay-outs, Violet Flame Healing, Violet Flame Healing Attunement, Crystalline Reiki Healing, Crystalline Reiki Healing Attunement, Angel Healing, Distant Healing.

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